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July, 1999

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Re: sextants & nautical almanacDan Hogan31 Jul 1999, 18:55631w2129
Re: sextants & nautical almanacAubrey O´Callaghan30 Jul 1999, 17:34718w2127
On-line publications Ho229, Ho 249... etc.Russell Sher30 Jul 1999, 12:561066w2126
Sextants & nautical almanacGordon Talge30 Jul 1999, 10:251164w2124
Re: Aircraft SextantsDan Hogan29 Jul 1999, 18:40888w2122
Aircraft SextantsAndrés Ruiz29 Jul 1999, 19:231965w2120
Re: SextantsEd Falk28 Jul 1999, 21:27395w2118
Re: The One In Sixty Rule (was: Re: going overboard on decimals)Dan Hogan28 Jul 1999, 18:04533w2116
Re: Thousand dollar questionDan Hogan28 Jul 1999, 17:513165w2114
Re: Thousand dollar questionChuck Taylor28 Jul 1999, 16:471427w2112
The One In Sixty Rule (was: Re: going overboard on decimals)Thomas Schmidt28 Jul 1999, 16:073115w2110
Re: Thousand dollar questionRodney Myrvaagnes28 Jul 1999, 15:351104w2109
Re: sextantDan Hogan28 Jul 1999, 15:181629w2107
Re: on-line Ho 229 and Ho 249Andrés Ruiz28 Jul 1999, 14:22648w2106
Re: Thousand dollar questionWilliam Trayfors28 Jul 1999, 13:552705w2104
On-line Ho 229 and Ho 249Russell Sher28 Jul 1999, 13:16575w2103
Re: SextantsAndrés Ruiz28 Jul 1999, 11:08397w2102
Re: Thousand dollar questionGeoff Kuenning28 Jul 1999, 19:101788w2101
Thousand dollar questionLu Abel28 Jul 1999, 06:47976w2099
Re: SextantsLu Abel28 Jul 1999, 06:462694w2098
SextantAnthony Cappiello28 Jul 1999, 02:42964w2097
Re: cheap Davis sextantJoe Shields27 Jul 1999, 20:441256w2095
SextantsRick Emerson27 Jul 1999, 18:591998w2094
Re: SextantsDan Allen27 Jul 1999, 18:593017w2093
Re: SextantsRodney Myrvaagnes27 Jul 1999, 18:571247w2092
Re: SextantsDan Hogan27 Jul 1999, 17:25908w2091
Re: SextantsDan Hogan27 Jul 1999, 17:18733w2089
Re: SextantsDonna Ferron27 Jul 1999, 17:14674w2088
Re: SextantsAndrés Ruiz27 Jul 1999, 15:59903w2086
Re: SextantsDonna Ferron27 Jul 1999, 15:15287w2084
Re: SextantsDonna Ferron27 Jul 1999, 15:011229w2083
Re: SextantsRussell Sher27 Jul 1999, 14:511320w2081
SextantsBarry Colman27 Jul 1999, 14:31733w2079
Re: great circle pointsRodney Myrvaagnes26 Jul 1999, 09:25623w2078
Re: Intermediate points in great circle coursesBill Murdoch26 Jul 1999, 03:201144w2076
Great circle pointsPaul Hirose26 Jul 1999, 01:442635w2075
Re: Intermediate points in great circle coursesWilliam Trayfors25 Jul 1999, 21:104332w2073
Mail Bounce errorsDan Hogan25 Jul 1999, 20:30630w2071
Overboad on decimalsGordon Talge25 Jul 1999, 20:141361w2069
Intermediate points in great circle coursesLu Abel26 Jul 1999, 07:332922w2067
Re: going overboard on decimalsMillard Kirk25 Jul 1999, 17:561207w2066
Re: going overboard on decimalsJoe Shields25 Jul 1999, 04:20538w2064
Re: going overboard on decimalsMillard Kirk25 Jul 1999, 02:302904w2062
Re: going overboard on decimalsDan Hogan24 Jul 1999, 23:381748w2060
Re: leg 56 results/problemsDan Hogan24 Jul 1999, 22:372762w2058
Re: going overboard on decimalsTony S24 Jul 1999, 21:431665w2057
Going overboard on decimalsPaul Hirose24 Jul 1999, 20:341137w2056
Leg 56 results/problemsPaul Hirose24 Jul 1999, 19:332339w2055
Re: True vs MagneticPaul Dahlgren23 Jul 1999, 16:351410w2053
Re: Leeway anglesJoe Shields22 Jul 1999, 18:35848w2051
Re: Leeway anglesTom Lee22 Jul 1999, 18:18462w2049
Leeway anglesBuck Godwin21 Jul 1999, 01:26935w2047
Re: Leg 56 Question # 3Robert Owens20 Jul 1999, 14:021740w2045
Re: Leg 56 Question # 3Lu Abel20 Jul 1999, 04:451689w2043
Leeway anglesJoe Shields20 Jul 1999, 04:342948w2041
Re: True vs MagneticBill Murdoch20 Jul 1999, 03:03782w2040
Re: Leg 56 Question # 3Bill Murdoch20 Jul 1999, 02:401091w2038
Re: True vs MagneticDan Hogan18 Jul 1999, 21:192825w2037
Re: True vs MagneticLu Abel18 Jul 1999, 18:195005w2035
Re: Leg 56Dan Hogan18 Jul 1999, 16:401056w2033
Leg 56Millard Kirk18 Jul 1999, 02:522093w2031
Re: Leg 56 Question # 3Dan Hogan17 Jul 1999, 20:373486w2030
Leg 56 Question # 3Millard Kirk17 Jul 1999, 15:422892w2028
Re: leg56. Chart vs formulasJacky Wong17 Jul 1999, 02:345950w2026
Re: leg56. Chart vs formulasLu Abel17 Jul 1999, 07:303225w2025
Re: leg56. Chart vs formulasAndrés Ruiz16 Jul 1999, 13:561061w2024
Re: leg56. Chart vs formulasDan Hogan16 Jul 1999, 13:36913w2022
Leg56. Chart vs formulasAndrés Ruiz16 Jul 1999, 09:153579w2020
Re: Leg 56Dan Hogan16 Jul 1999, 01:243810w2019
Re: Leg 56Ed Falk15 Jul 1999, 21:211257w2017
Re: Leg 56Dan Hogan15 Jul 1999, 21:121367w2015
Re: Leg 56Joe Shields15 Jul 1999, 20:172514w2014
Silicon Sea II: Leg 56 REVISIONDan Hogan14 Jul 1999, 21:164830w2012
Leg 56Millard Kirk14 Jul 1999, 21:121374w2010
Silicon Sea II: Leg 56 ERRORSDan Hogan14 Jul 1999, 13:43412w2008
Leg 56 results/problemsPaul Hirose13 Jul 1999, 16:52755w2006
Re: Pocket Calculator NavigationRussell Sher13 Jul 1999, 06:23789w2004
Re: BuoysLu Abel13 Jul 1999, 07:154620w2003
Re: tidal heights calculations...Peter Smith9 Jul 1999, 16:291763w2002
BuoysChuck Taylor9 Jul 1999, 16:08924w2000
Re: Pocket Calculator NavigationTom Lee9 Jul 1999, 15:43406w1999
Re: tidal heights calculations...Peter Smith9 Jul 1999, 15:281778w1997
Pocket Calculator NavigationBarry Hudson9 Jul 1999, 06:56575w1995
Re: tidal heights calculations...Pierre Boucher9 Jul 1999, 05:571312w1994
Re: tidal heights calculations...Brent Ferrantelli8 Jul 1999, 21:473934w1993
Re: tidal heights calculations...Lu Abel8 Jul 1999, 21:192989w1991
Tidal heights calculations...Russell Sher8 Jul 1999, 19:38469w1989
Re: Calculator AfloatRussell Sher8 Jul 1999, 06:291128w1987
Re: Calculator AfloatChuck Taylor7 Jul 1999, 18:02726w1986
REVISED Leg 49--Silicon SeaDan Hogan7 Jul 1999, 16:164276w1984
Re: Older Silicon Sea resultsDan Hogan7 Jul 1999, 01:383309w1982
Older Silicon Sea resultsEd Falk6 Jul 1999, 17:492313w1980
Re: Calculator AfloatAndrés Ruiz6 Jul 1999, 15:32606w1978
Re: Leg 56 questionDan Hogan6 Jul 1999, 14:181062w1976
Calculator AfloatPierre Boucher6 Jul 1999, 13:501057w1974
Re: Ageton & HO 211Tony S6 Jul 1999, 06:001731w1972
Ageton & HO 211Paul Hirose6 Jul 1999, 05:07902w1971
Leg 56 questionPaul Hirose6 Jul 1999, 04:08609w1970
Re: HO 211 vs. BaylessTony S5 Jul 1999, 22:56886w1968
Re: HO 211 vs. BaylessBill Murdoch5 Jul 1999, 21:39494w1966
Re: HO 211 vs. BaylessTony S5 Jul 1999, 01:074639w1965
Silicon Sea II: Leg 55 AnswersDan Hogan5 Jul 1999, 00:02570w1964
Re: Leg 55 resultsDan Hogan4 Jul 1999, 23:011411w1962
Re: HO 211 vs. BaylessDan Hogan4 Jul 1999, 22:02959w1960
HO 211 vs. BaylessPaul Hirose4 Jul 1999, 16:083381w1958
Leg 55 resultsPaul Hirose4 Jul 1999, 16:06995w1957
Re: Silicon Sea II: Leg 56Dan Hogan1 Jul 1999, 17:01606w1956
Silicon Sea II: Leg 56Dan Hogan1 Jul 1999, 15:334238w1954

Index includes 108 messages.


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