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Celestial on the Great LakesBrent Ferrantelli23 Dec 1998, 19:46716w1418
Sextant & Bowditch resending...Rick Emerson15 Dec 1998, 17:091211w1417
Sextant Bowditch resending...Aubrey O´Callaghan15 Dec 1998, 13:57824w1415
Sextant BowditchAubrey O´Callaghan15 Dec 1998, 13:10774w1413
IntroductionBob Claitor14 Dec 1998, 06:101109w1412
Re: Index error check QuestionRick Emerson12 Dec 1998, 23:401266w1411
Re: Index error check QuestionBill Murdoch12 Dec 1998, 21:47945w1409
Index error check QuestionRick Emerson12 Dec 1998, 18:492827w1408
Re: DipJohn Brenneise10 Dec 1998, 20:033598w1406
Pilot chartsTom Carr10 Dec 1998, 18:35699w1404
DipMillard Kirk10 Dec 1998, 05:271512w1402
Re: GPS backup/emergency navigationHewitt Schlereth2 Dec 1998, 17:57859w1401
Re: GPS backup/emergency navigationDan Allen30 Nov 1998, 19:213007w1400
Re: GPS backup/emergency navigationDenis Gutar29 Nov 1998, 19:53957w1398
Bowditch long-term almanacPaul Hirose28 Nov 1998, 17:51924w1396
Re: GPS backup/emergency navigationRick Emerson27 Nov 1998, 13:351245w1394
Re: GPS backup/emergency navigationRussell Sher27 Nov 1998, 06:472117w1393
Re: GPS backup/emergency navigationRick Emerson27 Nov 1998, 04:162306w1392
Re: GPS backup/emergency navigationDenis Gutar27 Nov 1998, 02:041419w1391
Re: GPS backup/emergency navigationRick Emerson25 Nov 1998, 14:122383w1389
SaipanJorge P18 Nov 1998, 15:171483w1385
Re: Chip logDan Hogan15 Nov 1998, 19:121191w1384
Re: Chip logRick Emerson15 Nov 1998, 13:423965w1382
WTB: 6x30 monocular for PlathRick Emerson11 Nov 1998, 16:10699w1381
Re: Traverse boardsRick Emerson2 Nov 1998, 12:532163w1379
Re: Traverse boardsRick Emerson2 Nov 1998, 02:374071w1378
Re: Traverse boardsRon1 Nov 1998, 03:071168w1377
Re: Traverse boardsGeorge Huxtable31 Oct 1998, 23:429427w1376
Re: Traverse boardsBill Murdoch30 Oct 1998, 23:251098w1375
Re: Personal LogChuck Taylor30 Oct 1998, 20:171094w1374
Re: Personal LogPeter Smith30 Oct 1998, 18:471657w1373
Re: Sunset sight?Ron30 Oct 1998, 12:18678w1371
Re: Sunset sight?Russell Sher30 Oct 1998, 07:281265w1369
Traverse boardsRick Emerson30 Oct 1998, 05:253016w1367
SubscribingBarry Hudson30 Oct 1998, 04:31573w1366
Personal LogMillard Kirk30 Oct 1998, 03:031111w1365
Re: Sunset sight?Lynn H. Ogden29 Oct 1998, 23:322287w1363
Re: Predicting the time of a desired azmuthJoe Shields29 Oct 1998, 13:3512957w1362
Re: Sunset sight?Pierre Boucher29 Oct 1998, 06:572038w1360
Re: Sunset sight?Lynn H. Ogden29 Oct 1998, 03:271649w1359
Sunset sight?Richard Edwards29 Oct 1998, 01:08623w1357
Re: Predicting the time of a desired azmuthDan Allen29 Oct 1998, 00:008139w1356
Predicting the time of a desired azmuthPeter Smith28 Oct 1998, 22:116289w1354
Re: Sunset sight?Lynn H. Ogden28 Oct 1998, 00:001641w1353
Announcement: Captain James Cook Memorial Navigational EventAnthony Fountain27 Oct 1998, 10:152308w1352
Re: 1962 Practical NavigatorGerhard S26 Oct 1998, 21:05724w1350
Re: 1962 Practical NavigatorKen Gebhart26 Oct 1998, 18:50749w1349
Re: 1962 Practical NavigatorDan Allen26 Oct 1998, 17:222684w1348
Re: Mathematical Advancement of a celestial COPRussell Sher26 Oct 1998, 06:132285w1346
Personnal web pagesPierre Boucher26 Oct 1998, 04:17674w1345
1962 Practical NavigatorGordon Talge26 Oct 1998, 00:501555w1343
Re: Mathematical Advancement of a celestial COPBill Murdoch25 Oct 1998, 22:331770w1341
Mathematical Advancement of a celestial COPBuck Godwin24 Oct 1998, 05:241534w1340
Mathematical Advancement of a celestial COPJohn Brenneise23 Oct 1998, 22:391452w1339
Celestaire typoRick Emerson15 Oct 1998, 12:09767w1337
SV: Celestaire offeringsEinar Kjellkvist14 Oct 1998, 22:412402w1335
Celestaire offeringsRick Emerson14 Oct 1998, 14:201779w1334
Nav Simulator Found ThanksT Tom14 Oct 1998, 03:22712w1330
Re: Nav Simulator wantedDan Allen13 Oct 1998, 16:121729w1328
FW: Nav Simulator wantedJohn Chankin13 Oct 1998, 15:581526w1327
Re: Nav Simulator wantedGerhard S13 Oct 1998, 15:511181w1325
Nav Simulator wantedT Tom13 Oct 1998, 13:14929w1324
Personal web page!Pierre Boucher13 Oct 1998, 04:37688w1322
PBS NOVA: Lost at Sea: The Search for LongitudeRichard B. Langley30 Sep 1998, 17:361249w1320
Re: Re : The answer...Joe Shields30 Sep 1998, 16:223346w1319
Re: the answer...?Jim Manzari29 Sep 1998, 16:45939w1318
Re : The answer...Fabrice Magnan de Bornier29 Sep 1998, 14:151413w1316
Re: the answer...?Joe Shields29 Sep 1998, 11:594194w1315
Re: the answer...?Russell Sher29 Sep 1998, 08:373079w1314
Plotting sheetsHenning Umland29 Sep 1998, 08:041024w1312
Re: the answer...?Jim Manzari28 Sep 1998, 18:123126w1311
Plotting sheetsHenning Umland28 Sep 1998, 09:58983w1309
The answer...?Russell Sher28 Sep 1998, 08:581327w1308
Re: What's the right answer?Russell Sher23 Sep 1998, 08:231343w1307
Re: What's the right answer?Joe Shields21 Sep 1998, 18:203062w1306
Re: Leg 45 answersDan Hogan17 Sep 1998, 07:541293w1304
Celestial suggestionsRick Emerson24 Aug 1998, 18:233872w1303
Piloting Hints & TipsDan Hogan19 Aug 1998, 13:054374w1301
My $.02 on AzGordon Talge19 Aug 1998, 00:012117w1300
My $.02 on AzGordon Talge18 Aug 1998, 23:002082w1298
Mistake in last emailMal Misuraca30 Jul 1998, 16:53961w1296
Establishing the exact time of noonMal Misuraca30 Jul 1998, 14:232554w1294
Noon sight simplifiedMal Misuraca30 Jul 1998, 14:131842w1292
Noon SightDan Hogan30 Jul 1998, 09:29965w1290
Re: Noon Sight RevistedRussell Sher30 Jul 1998, 08:036006w1289
Noon Sight RevistedDan Hogan29 Jul 1998, 13:354129w1288
Lunar DistanceGordon Talge23 Jul 1998, 21:271527w1286
Response to "Old Nav. Tech..."Maurice Millard23 Jul 1998, 14:452272w1285
Re: Response to "Old Nav. Tech..."Dan Hogan23 Jul 1998, 11:041037w1283
Re: Old Navigation TechniquesPeter Smith22 Jul 1998, 22:242323w1281
Re: Old Navigation TechniquesLu Abel22 Jul 1998, 22:226080w1279
Re: Old Navigation TechniquesDan Hogan22 Jul 1998, 17:421642w1278
Old Navigation TechniquesMaurice Millard22 Jul 1998, 14:251052w1276
Re: tides, did you know...Chuck Taylor10 Jul 1998, 05:413381w1274
[Fwd: late-night sextant sights?]Rick Emerson8 Jul 1998, 23:561732w1273
Silicon Sea: Leg 43Dan Hogan8 Jul 1998, 11:464800w1271
For Sale: 1969 C. Plath sextantRick Emerson7 Jul 1998, 16:011705w1269
Re: LunarsPeter Smith1 Jul 1998, 21:073656w1268
SS Cruise Archives, etc.Buck Godwin23 Jun 1998, 17:041348w1266
Star ID methodPaul Hirose23 Jun 1998, 04:454014w1265
More formulae for mid-lat/Mercator sailingAubrey O´Callaghan19 Jun 1998, 11:512071w1264
FW: American Practical Navigator On-linePaul Marcuzzo18 Jun 1998, 22:241478w1262
Re: Radion LicensingGerhard S18 Jun 1998, 18:22910w1260
Re: Radion LicensingPeter Smith18 Jun 1998, 17:461447w1259
Silicon Sea: Leg 42Dan Hogan18 Jun 1998, 09:454288w1258
Re: Naval Academy vs Celestial NavigationMark Nicholas18 Jun 1998, 01:422668w1256
Naval Academy vs Celestial NavigationGordon Talge17 Jun 1998, 02:513300w1254
"Canoe U" and celestial navJonathon C McLendon16 Jun 1998, 21:423787w1253
Re: HO 249 v. HO 229 v. CelesticompPeter Smith16 Jun 1998, 16:311909w1252
Re: HO 249 v. HO 229 v. CelesticompDan Hogan16 Jun 1998, 14:412302w1251
Lunar distancesHenning Umland9 Jun 1998, 21:15798w1249
Lunar Distance DetailsDan Allen9 Jun 1998, 20:552148w1247
Capt Cook Navigation....Maurice Millard9 Jun 1998, 13:152690w1245
Mercator SailingBill Murdoch9 Jun 1998, 01:221780w1243
Newport-Bermuda Race - Gulfstream Info WantedBuck Godwin6 Jun 1998, 06:2710354w1242
Re: Captain Cook's Celestial Navigation- ,LunarsBill Murdoch8 Jun 1998, 23:28878w1241
Gulf Stream InfoJoe Kliment7 Jun 1998, 00:101169w1240
Re: Gulf Stream Info.Ed Wagner6 Jun 1998, 18:46873w1239
Gulf Stream Info.Joe Kliment6 Jun 1998, 16:131480w1238
Re: Old American Practical NavigatorsPeter Smith1 Jun 1998, 15:433407w1237
Re: Old American Practical NavigatorsDan Hogan31 May 1998, 08:501190w1236
Old American Practical NavigatorsGordon Talge30 May 1998, 01:431467w1234
Silicon Sea Leg 41 ProblemDan Hogan22 May 1998, 09:014410w1233
Re: Looking for 4mulas.txtTony S19 May 1998, 21:11957w1232
Silicon Sea InformationDan Hogan18 May 1998, 12:087422w1230
Celestial nav websiteHenning Umland6 May 1998, 08:08817w1229
Re: NAO reduction tableDan Hogan3 May 1998, 10:341708w1228
Re: AnalemmaJohn Manson20 Apr 1998, 16:381349w1227
AnalemmaJohn Manson20 Apr 1998, 12:58654w1225
Re: Analema (Was: Equation of Time)John Manson17 Apr 1998, 18:311887w1224
Analema (Was: Equation of Time)Peter Smith17 Apr 1998, 16:321049w1222
Sight Reduction programsAdrian P. Vrouwenvelder14 Apr 1998, 14:101075w1220
Re: Silicon Sea Navigation GlossaryDan Hogan6 Apr 1998, 16:187409w1219
Silicon Sea Navigation GlossaryDan Hogan4 Apr 1998, 17:132179w1218
The Tringriz VoyageAnthony Fountain1 Apr 1998, 22:591399w1216
Silicon Sea Cruise: Leg 38Dan Hogan31 Mar 1998, 08:393856w1214
MICA applicationsJoe Shields31 Mar 1998, 04:451163w1213
Tamaya Jupiter SextantFrank Hampshire20 Mar 1998, 15:062062w1211
USNO website for MICA, etc.Joe Shields18 Mar 1998, 15:161555w1209
Re: Celestial CourseAdrian P. Vrouwenvelder18 Mar 1998, 13:184864w1207
Re: Celestial CourseJoe Shields17 Mar 1998, 22:277851w1205
Rhumb Line Calculations on an ellipsoidJohan Machtelinckx17 Mar 1998, 17:056161w1204
Your opinions wanted...plotters and moreRon Hiner16 Mar 1998, 22:261770w1203
Celestial CourseAaron Avellar16 Mar 1998, 07:57818w1202
Captain Ahab and his QuadrantChuck Taylor15 Feb 1998, 04:383771w1201
Re: sight reduction forms anyone?Peter Smith13 Feb 1998, 14:111531w1199
Re: Running Fixes and advancing LOP''sChuck Taylor13 Feb 1998, 04:211715w1198
GPS Position Accuracy (fwd)J. Florey30 Jan 1998, 16:091878w1197
Surplus SextantsDennis W. Farrell23 Jan 1998, 07:161535w1195
GPSBarry Hudson19 Jan 1998, 07:281623w1194
An Astra IIIb AnecdoteThomas Alley17 Jan 1998, 01:211848w1192
Astra III-BMal Misuraca16 Jan 1998, 13:317781w1191
Re: Astra IIIb QualityJacky Wong16 Jan 1998, 01:351630w1190
Astra IIIb QualityDan Allen15 Jan 1998, 16:552148w1188
SextantsGordon Talge15 Jan 1998, 01:532057w1186
Plotting sheet updateRussell Sher14 Jan 1998, 19:3120855w1184
Re: Used Sextant WantedRobert Goley13 Jan 1998, 23:371192w1183
Re: Used Sextant WantedDahlgren P13 Jan 1998, 03:291699w1181
Used sextantsMal Misuraca13 Jan 1998, 07:063685w1179
Used Sextant WantedJim Bach12 Jan 1998, 04:451122w1178
Re: Postscript Plotting SheetMike Wescott8 Jan 1998, 22:48752w1177
Small Area Plotting Sheet GeneratorTony S7 Jan 1998, 00:501679w1176
Re: Pole Star (was: First Point of Aries)Richard Edwards5 Jan 1998, 21:351177w1175
Re: Pole Star (was: First Point of Aries)Chuck Taylor2 Jan 1998, 22:102866w1174
Re: First Point of AriesChuck Taylor2 Jan 1998, 12:292723w1172

Index includes 165 messages.


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