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SubjectAuthorDate (UT)SizeID
Used copies of Ageton and othersMal Misuraca30 Dec 1997, 16:04990w1171
SextantsMal Misuraca30 Dec 1997, 16:012900w1170
Read1st.txt Silicon SeaDan Hogan29 Dec 1997, 18:377095w1169
Silicon Sea: Leg 37Dan Hogan28 Dec 1997, 06:196671w1168
GHA Aries and GHA and Declination of the SunBill Murdoch18 Dec 1997, 04:351278w1167
Tahanea problemMal Misuraca17 Dec 1997, 15:034344w1166
Emergency navigation solution?Paul Hirose17 Dec 1997, 04:571901w1164
SA errors---averaged over a reasonable time?Mal Misuraca15 Dec 1997, 16:252579w1163
Re: Geodetic Survey Web siteThomas Schmidt14 Dec 1997, 22:462475w1162
Geodetic Survey Web sitePaul Hirose14 Dec 1997, 15:202525w1160
Re: SA eliminatorDave Boatman14 Dec 1997, 07:021747w1158
SA eliminatorMal Misuraca13 Dec 1997, 15:321382w1157
Program to defeat selective availability of GPSMal Misuraca13 Dec 1997, 01:27848w1155
GHAA formulasPaul Hirose12 Dec 1997, 21:344191w1154
Bowditch appendix QPaul Hirose12 Dec 1997, 21:31699w1153
Re: Garmin mail list?Bob Hardin11 Dec 1997, 13:491087w1151
The Prime MeridianMal Misuraca11 Dec 1997, 03:491395w1149
Re: Emergency navigationRichard T. Stofer11 Dec 1997, 03:411256w1148
GHA Aries and GHA/Dec SunBill Murdoch10 Dec 1997, 22:451537w1147
Re: Correction, correction in Tahnea problem.Hewitt Schlereth10 Dec 1997, 20:42882w1146
Correction, correction in Tahnea problem.Mal Misuraca10 Dec 1997, 17:36610w1144
Emergency navigationMal Misuraca10 Dec 1997, 17:332372w1142
Re: BowditchDan Hogan10 Dec 1997, 01:54803w1140
Re: BowditchPeter Smith10 Dec 1997, 07:071236w1138
Re: BowditchDan Hogan9 Dec 1997, 15:571092w1137
BowditchRichard B. Langley9 Dec 1997, 11:361448w1135
Re: GHAA formulaBill Murdoch8 Dec 1997, 04:161362w1133
GHAA formulaPaul Hirose7 Dec 1997, 23:362097w1132
Re: equal altitudesBill Murdoch4 Dec 1997, 22:572436w1131
Ho 214Paul Hirose4 Dec 1997, 08:002252w1130
Re: 5-8 bodies lined upPeter Smith3 Dec 1997, 18:081851w1129
Determining latitude by length of dayMal Misuraca14 Nov 1997, 06:023753w1128
Fix by equal altitude sights around local apparent noonMal Misuraca13 Nov 1997, 18:026672w1126
Re: declinations equal to observer's latitude...Chuck Taylor31 Oct 1997, 22:543905w1125
USNO's New AlgorithmsGordon Talge31 Oct 1997, 01:032018w1123
Highly Accurate Celestial Nav Algorithms?Dan Allen29 Oct 1997, 21:531155w1121
Re: fix with the noon shot...Johan Smit29 Oct 1997, 06:061244w1119
Re: fix with the noon shot...Tony S29 Oct 1997, 02:202236w1117
Re: fix with the noon shot...Dave Boatman28 Oct 1997, 18:501525w1115
Re: fix with the noon shot...Chuck Taylor28 Oct 1997, 15:522120w1114
Idea for getting rid of all the junk mail...Dan Allen17 Oct 1997, 17:38544w1112
Good EveningSteven Tripp3 Oct 1997, 02:02725w1110
Silicon Sea: Leg 35Dan Hogan1 Oct 1997, 11:244602w1109
Dip ShortOH Jacobson25 Sep 1997, 03:06889w1108
Re: Artificial HorizonM Spencer21 Sep 1997, 08:2310565w1106
Re: Whitbread Round the World RaceJoseph Santaniello19 Sep 1997, 16:091226w1105
Nautical point of interestMarco Livraghi9 Sep 1997, 09:12871w1103
Re: 3 fix celestial problemsMillard Kirk4 Sep 1997, 04:293726w1101
Re: Method of LunarsPeter Smith4 Sep 1997, 07:1814410w1099
Method of LunarsDan Allen2 Sep 1997, 23:43626w1098
Re: S-TablesChuck Taylor16 Aug 1997, 15:131269w1096
Re: S-TablesDan Hogan16 Aug 1997, 09:401328w1094
S-TablesGordon Talge16 Aug 1997, 06:281680w1093
Re: Old Navigation BookPeter Smith12 Aug 1997, 14:231483w1091
Re: Silicon Sea: Leg 32Millard Kirk1 Aug 1997, 04:361439w1089
Lunar Distance & Direct FixGordon Talge1 Aug 1997, 00:291754w1088
Re: Silicon Sea: Leg 32Dan Hogan1 Aug 1997, 07:151091w1086
Silicon Sea: Leg 32Dan Hogan30 Jul 1997, 20:333067w1085
Using H.O. 249 tablesDave Boatman29 Jul 1997, 20:521822w1084
Silicon Sea ArchivesDan Hogan28 Jul 1997, 09:091443w1083
Re: which sextant is this...?Sandy King27 Jul 1997, 15:223130w1082
Pocket Sextant Found!Dan Allen22 Jul 1997, 16:411830w1080
Navigator Light Software: new version availableOmar Reis21 Jul 1997, 16:38732w1078
Re: Silicon Sea: Leg31Millard Kirk19 Jul 1997, 20:582065w1077
Solutions to Leg 31Aubrey O┬┤Callaghan19 Jul 1997, 15:451365w1075
Bubble SextantsMaurice Millard17 Jul 1997, 13:101900w1074
Silicon Sea: Leg31Dan Hogan17 Jul 1997, 08:354022w1072
Visual Signalling Retired (forward)Tony S17 Jul 1997, 19:304236w1071
The Perfect StormJorge Gonzalez13 Jul 1997, 14:361227w1069
Re: Followon: Meridional partsChuck Taylor13 Jul 1997, 05:331147w1068
Re: Hong KongJacky Wong11 Jul 1997, 21:161428w1066
Followon: Meridional partsPatrick M10 Jul 1997, 17:33735w1065
Re: formula for calculating MPJacky Wong10 Jul 1997, 17:021199w1064
Nav tab software on site...Russell Sher10 Jul 1997, 15:33687w1062
Meridinal Parts EquationMaurice Millard10 Jul 1997, 14:19838w1060
Need to Know AnsweredMike L10 Jul 1997, 03:461680w1059
American Practical Navigatorwhsls9 Jul 1997, 22:35667w1058
Re:Millard Kirk10 Jul 1997, 07:422121w1057
Meridonial PartDan Hogan9 Jul 1997, 09:291202w1056
Small Metal SextantsDan Allen9 Jul 1997, 05:321652w1055
Re: Lunar DistanceChuck Taylor11 Jun 1997, 21:371365w1054
Lunar DistanceJim Herz11 Jun 1997, 13:261041w1053
Re: GPS time for celestialRichard B. Langley24 May 1997, 12:541690w1051
Aircraft bubble sextantsBrian Jones20 Jun 1997, 18:553879w1050
Re: GPS time for celestialRobert Goley23 May 1997, 14:591669w1049
Tai, Gps, Utc.Jim Easton21 May 1997, 17:401725w1047
Re: GPS time for celestialRichard B. Langley20 May 1997, 14:4811015w1045
Re: GPS time for celestial (longish)Bob Hardin19 May 1997, 13:403068w1043
Re: VP-OS plotting sheetsDan Hogan15 May 1997, 22:50982w1042
Re: New to list. Request info.Dan Hogan14 May 1997, 22:117603w1041
Silicon Sea: Leg 27 AnswersDan Hogan12 May 1997, 02:314363w1040
Silicon Sea: Leg 26 CORRECTIONDan Hogan12 May 1997, 02:161114w1039
Re: TvmdcChuck Taylor6 May 1997, 22:051646w1037
TVMDCMillard Kirk6 May 1997, 21:543387w1035
Re: Re[2]: Compass CourseChuck Taylor5 May 1997, 22:301937w1033
Re[2]: Compass CourseTom Harrelson5 May 1997, 19:141729w1031
Re: Compass CourseDan Hogan4 May 1997, 23:234874w1030
Almanac Calculation QuestionsBill Murdoch24 Mar 1997, 17:433564w1028
Re: AlgorithmsJohn Kabel24 Mar 1997, 13:521598w1026
Navigation algorithmsKent Crispin13 Mar 1997, 23:251475w1024
Almanac CalculationsGordon Talge12 Mar 1997, 01:076955w1023
Silicon Sea chartsW Murfin11 Mar 1997, 00:552766w1022
Equal altitudes problem of March 9Mal Misuraca10 Mar 1997, 19:472409w1021
Problem in equal altitudes of the sun around local apparent no onMal Misuraca10 Mar 1997, 06:503236w1019
Sun polynomials updateGordon Talge8 Mar 1997, 04:071082w1018
Re: Math behind horizontal sextant anglesMike Wescott4 Mar 1997, 20:462105w1016
Re: Math behind horizontal sextant anglesJohn Simmonds4 Mar 1997, 11:331009w1015
Adrian V's Leg 21 SolutionsAdrian P. Vrouwenvelder28 Feb 1997, 14:314017w1013
To Those Who Asked for TI-81 or 82 Sun ProgramsBill Murdoch22 Feb 1997, 14:312972w1012
Polynomial projectGordon Talge22 Feb 1997, 02:351944w1011
Silicon Sea Leg 21 AnswersDan Hogan21 Feb 1997, 23:10985w1010
Silicon Sea leg 21Jim Guthrie21 Feb 1997, 20:011383w1009
Re: Silicon Sea: Leg 21Dan Hogan21 Feb 1997, 17:071443w1007
Re: Silicon Sea: Leg 21Dan Hogan20 Feb 1997, 17:282038w1006
Re: Celestial methodDan Hogan17 Feb 1997, 18:031855w1005
Re: Celestial methodJacky Wong17 Feb 1997, 09:58693w1004
Re: Graphical solutionThomas Alley15 Feb 1997, 01:575859w1003
Equal altitudes at noonMal Misuraca14 Feb 1997, 15:032291w1002
Equal Altitudes at Local Apparent NoonMal Misuraca12 Feb 1997, 15:235908w1000
Re: Equal altitude sights at local apparent noonJan van Puffelen11 Feb 1997, 21:574347w998
Re: sunrise/set and twilight calc.John Simmonds11 Feb 1997, 16:14738w997
Sunrise and Sunset CalculationsBill Murdoch11 Feb 1997, 15:251768w995
Re: sunrise/set and twilight calc.Keith Pickering10 Feb 1997, 16:11690w994
Mark 3 and Low Cost CelestialBill Murdoch31 Jan 1997, 19:331806w993
Re: short dipThomas Alley4 Jan 1997, 01:144430w992

Index includes 125 messages.


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