Re: nautical almanac first point of aries
From: Örjan Sandström
Date: 2012 Mar 16, 09:11 -0700

If you (or anyone else) run Unix (or the similar minix, Linux, OSX, *BSD, SunOs, Solaris...) you should be able to get Stellarium to work on your system.
fairly good software and accurate as far as I can tell. basically a computer simulation of the sky, it can be set to give plenty of information when clicking a celestial object.

Right ascension
apparent angle above horizon
apparent diameter (NOT semidiameter)

these should be enough for most navigation.
attached image is a screen dump of that program with Sun chosen.

If you are really low on CPU and RAM you could always use AA ( Steve Moshier's Ephemeris) in CLI -that runs fine on my 12 year old laptop, so light on the resources- and it accurate as far as I have found.
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