Re: H.O. 208 Editions Compared
From: Greg Rudzinski
Date: 2011 Dec 30, 13:27 -0800


Pub 208 is my favorite way to do sight reduction. The 1940 fifth edition is still the top edition with high quality printing, binding, and paper. There are editions on amazon available at good prices. Just be sure the description says very good condition. Once Hc is reduced then azimuth is a snap by slide rule (faster than by table).

See attached index card which shows a Pub 208 reduction for today's Sun ( two sums and three table look-ups).

Greg Rudzinski


My copy is entitled Saelf-Contained Celestial Navigation with H.O. 208 by John S. Letcher Jr.
Hard back volume of 229 pages, including index, inside of back cover headed Instructuions for Using H.O. 208, 10 steps in total. Published by International Marine Publishing Company, copywrite 1977, printed on heavy seeming paper. Came with an errata sheet, which is nice to have, as one can make necessary corrections to the text.

I believe IMP to be no longer with us, having been taken over by, I think, MacGraw-Hill.

As memory serves, mine came from Amazon.

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