Don't trust your GPS

South Korean tourists trusted their GPS but ended up getting their Ford Falcon bogged in a Queensland forest.

Three South Korean tourists had to be rescued during the early hours of yesterday morning after their GPS system lead them well off the beaten track.

The trio were attempting to make their way from Brisbane to Rockhampton by following the instructions of the satellite navigation system, but ended up trapped when their Ford Falcon got bogged in the Cordalba State Forest, near Childers.

The South Korean men reportedly followed dirt tracks, went through closed gates and ignored some obvious danger signs - such as rocks blocking the road - when their car became stuck in the mud.

The men, who don't speak English, attempted to walk back from where they got bogged, and Bundaberg Police reportedly received a 000 call at about 1am Wednesday morning.

The tourist's car was found by a council worker six hours later.

It's not the first time the Cordalba State Forest has seen lost travellers. Last month some backpackers found themselves in a similar situation.

Childers Police sergeant Geoff Fay reportedly told a Bundaberg newspaper that travellers should make themselves more familiar with their GPS, and not to proceed if something looks incorrect.