Compact Data for Navigators and Astronomers
From: Zvi Doron
Date: 2012 Mar 16, 14:09 -0000

The UK Nautical Almanac Office produces a 96 page book called Compact Data for Navigators and Astronomers which covers a 5 year period (2011-2015) and provides constants with which the GHA and Declination of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars (Aries presumably) can be calculated with a pocket calculator or a slide rule. Unfortunately they package this with a piece of navigation software called NavPac and the combined price is anywhere from £60-£72. They do not sell the book with the tables on its own.
Does anyone know if there is a similar but cheaper paper only product made by someone else, or alternatively if this compact data is available on the web in some form? I am not talking about websites that calculate GHA and Dec for a given date and time – just the compact data with which one can calculate them by oneself.