Re: Compact Data for Navigators and Astronomers
From: Peter Hakel
Date: 2012 Mar 16, 08:13 -0700


My suite:

may not exactly fit your criteria but on the other hand you get plenty of sight-reduction tools as well.  Once you download the suite, you can use these tools even without access to the Internet.  Furthermore, the spreadsheets are not tied to any particular computer platform; as long as you have an Excel-compatible app on your machine, you can use them whether your machine runs on Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, whatever... :-)

Peter Hakel

From: Zvi <>
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 8:09 AM
Subject: [NavList] Compact Data for Navigators and Astronomers

The UK Nautical Almanac Office produces a 96 page book called Compact Data for Navigators and Astronomers which covers a 5 year period (2011-2015) and provides constants with which the GHA and Declination of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars (Aries presumably) can be calculated with a pocket calculator or a slide rule. Unfortunately they package this with a piece of navigation software called NavPac and the combined price is anywhere from £60-£72. They do not sell the book with the tables on its own.
Does anyone know if there is a similar but cheaper paper only product made by someone else, or alternatively if this compact data is available on the web in some form? I am not talking about websites that calculate GHA and Dec for a given date and time – just the compact data with which one can calculate them by oneself.