Back In Hobby: Some Questions, Please
From: Robert
Date: 2007 Apr 25, 09:57 -0700


Now that I'm retired, I would like to bring myself back up to speed
with this great hobby.
Was wondering about the following, as I haven't tracked any of this
for many a year, unfortunately.

a.  Are full sized frame, metal, sextants still being manufactured
anywhere ?

b.  If so, by whom, please ?

c.  Irrespective of price, which are acknowledged as the "best" in
quality now ?

Guess I should probably get myself a new copy of Bowditch.
Looking thru Google, it seems the Gov't does not print it anymore,
although, apparently it is available from some private publisher(s).

I now have the single blue covered 1962 single volume edition with the
really nice plastic star insert pages.  I guess they don't do it like
this anymore.

All in all, confusing, as to what's available, and from who.

Where would you folks suggest I go to purchase the most complete, best
printed, and clearest, volume ?

Guess I should also ask which on line source is the most complete for
navigation related texts, etc. (other than Amazon) ?


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