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From: Gary LaPook
Date: 2010 Oct 27, 13:29 -0700

There were several editions of AFM 51-40, 1951, 1973, and 1983. In addition to the manuals available at the links in my original post, the U.S. Army/Air Force had several earlier manuals on navigation; TM 1-205, Technical Manual - Air Navigation (1940) ; TM 1-206, Technical Manual - Celestial Air Navigation (1941); and possibly others. The U.S. Navy also had H.O 213, Aircraft Navigation Manual (1938); H.O 216, Aircraft Navigation Manual (1941); H.O. 216, Air Navigation (1967); and Air Navigation Supplement to Dutton's Navigation and Nautical Astronomy (9th. ed.) There are excerpts of these manuals, and many others, on my website at:  which I put up to try to bring sanity to the controversies surrounding the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.


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 Try this site:

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