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A community-edited collection of navigation-related events throughout history. No claim is made regarding quality or accuracy. This is based on some original notes by Ed Popko.

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chrono 29-Jun-18 04-35-56 AM 1614 Napier publishes first publishes logarithms.txt
chrono 28-Jun-18 07-04-23 AM Morse telegraph and USNO time signals.txt
chrono 24-Jun-18 12-59-18 PM Bygrave cylinder sight reduction calculator.txt
chrono 24-Jun-18 01-37-00 PM.txt
chrono 23-Jun-18 09-32-30 AM Smartphone GPS invention.txt
chrono 23-Jun-18 09-24-38 AM Innovations leading up to GPS.txt
chrono 23-Jun-18 08-59-00 AM 1571 Digges invents Theodolite.txt
chrono 20-Jul-18 11-46-09 AM 1850 US adopts Greenwich Meridian for nautical purposes.txt
chrono 19-Jun-18 01-19-33 PM Kollsman's 1930 altimiter patent.txt
chrono 17-Jun-18 04-04-06 AM First leap second introduced.txt
chrono 17-Jun-18 04-00-54 AM Planospheric star finder patented.txt
chrono 17-Jun-18 04-00-11 AM Sputnick launched.txt
chrono 17-Jun-18 03-59-31 AM Kollsman Barometric Altimeter.txt
chrono 14-Jun-18 04-22-08 AM.txt
chrono 11-Jun-18 06-37-45 AM Deleted test line at 1523.txt
chrono 10-Jun-18 12-44-49 PM Testing modified note at 1523.txt
chrono 10-Jun-18 12-23-26 PM Added note at 1523.txt
chrono 10-Jun-18 12-20-07 PM test.txt
chrono 10-Jun-18 11-50-49 AM.txt
chrono 10-Jun-18 11-14-37 AM.txt
chrono 10-Jun-18 11-14-20 AM.txt
chrono 10-Jun-18 11-13-04 AM.txt
chrono 10-Jun-18 09-04-41 AM.txt
chrono 10-Jun-18 09-00-55 AM.txt
chrono 10-Jun-18 08-51-10 AM.txt
chrono 10-Jul-18 03-40-09 AM.txt
chrono 10-Jul-18 03-39-42 AM 1875 Saint-Hilair.txt
chrono 06-Jul-18 05-52-27 AM 1935 Wheems patent for second setting watch.txt
chrono 04-Oct-19 01-31-33 AM typo.txt
chrono 04-Jul-18 06-04-39 PM 2000 GPS SA turned off update.txt
chrono 03-Aug-18 11-06-46 AM Events in evolution of GPS sources from Richard Easton.txt
chrono 03-Aug-18 04-03-48 AM Small spelling fixes.txt
chrono 02-Jul-18 02-37-29 PM USNO Launches CelNav data web site.txt