A little photo gallery of Mystic Seaport and some neighbors...

NOTE: it was a thick, foggy day when I took these photos. I am posting them here as offerings to the weather gods. You've had your fog; please deliver some clear skies for the weekend ahead...

First things first, here is the Seaport Planetarium. Some of you may recognize that armillary sphere in front of it. It's on the cover of a little Dover book on sundials. The planetarium is located near the center of the grounds of Mystic Seaport, a bit closer to the north end where the primary formal exhibits are located.

When we meet, we will be having a number of presentations in the planetarium classroom. It's downstairs. The entrance is on the west side of the building:

Don't be too alarmed by the strange “playground” that the Seaport installed on the lawn more or less in front of the Planetarium:

You may want to walk around to the east side to see the wall sundial there:

Here are some fishing dories:

A fine catboat (they take visitors out sailing):

The Oystering Exhibit and the sloop Emma C. Berry:

Large vessels. The Joseph Conrad and the whaleship Charles W. Morgan:

Here's a demonstration of harpooning:

The small sailboats on the dock below are Dyer Dhows. They're used in the Seaport's sail training programs:

The remarkable three-masted vessel below is called “The Mystic”. She is only a year old. This is not part of Mystic Seaport. Rather, The Mystic and her sistership Argia (the little schooner behind her) are privately owned excursion boats. These are moored within sight of the Seaport, close to the quaint center of Mystic which the locals refer to as “downtown Mystic” without even a hint of irony.

Here's another view of The Mystic: