Driving in SE Conn.

The police on the eastern side of the Mystic River are unusually active. They will ticket for any infraction. In particular, there is a "speed trap" on Route 27. This is the main road between I-95 and Mystic Seaport. This road could easily carry traffic at 45 mph, but the sign says "Speed Limit 30". This area is routinely monitored. Again, on the eastern side of the Mystic River, drive very carefully after dark. Cars are stopped for DUI checks without cause. In particular, if at all possible, do not drive on US 1 between the Mystic River and the Rhode Island border after dark. I am not kidding about this. You could easily find yourself with a $200 souvenir from your visit to Mystic Seaport. The interstate highway (I-95) and the western side of the Mystic River are not as problematic though the usual rules apply, of course.